Underlings of Underwing Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
**Edit: It's up now! Check out the Underlings of Underwing Kickstarter here!** Going up on Kickstarter August 25th, Underlings of Underwing is a new game from Alisha Volkman, Stephen Slota, and Kevin Ballestrini. In it, a whopping 2-6 players will take on the roles of would-be DragonLords, each trying to claim and hatch the most valuable stable of dragons from the eggs which are ready to hatch! **Kickstarter Prototype Realness - These photos are from our prototype, provided for our preview. Nothing is final!** Jess: Since this is a Kickstarter preview, we'll spend a little more time than usual going over the rules, though Underlings of Underwing is actually a mechanically straightforward game. At its core, UoU (is that an ok abbreviation? I hope so) is a worker placement and set collection hybrid, with some color theory to add complexity. Generally speaking, each player uses their workers to gather colored crystals and then assigns those crystals to the field of available