Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft Review – A Mystery Made For 2 | Gameosity
In Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft, 2 players will take on the roles of the titular geniuses as they attempt to unravel the details of a bombing in London. Designed by Diego Ibanez, beautifully illustrated by Pedro Soto, and distributed afar by Devir and in the US by our friends at MeepleSource, Holmes aims to deliver a satisfying experience in less than 30 minutes for a pair of would-be sleuths. But does its case hold up under close inspection? Mycroft represents the crown's investigatory lead, trying to determine the guilt of the accused. Sherlock, on the other hand, has been hired to prove the innocence of the man. The game is afoot as these two brilliant minds are pitted against each other, both racing to gather clues, interview witnesses, and ultimately determine how justice must be served! Andrew: Of course, that's all pasted-on theme. Holmes is a set-collection game with some light worker placement mechanisms. Despite all the thematic window-dressing, it's not a