Introverts Unite – How Boardgaming Helped Me Overcome My Social Anxiety | Gameosity
Recently, my best friend had a surprise birthday party thrown in her honor and, naturally, I was invited. Of course I immediately accepted the invitation (how could I not) but truth be told I am not a party person, I am an introvert. Read any of the recently popular articles or top ten lists floating around the Internet on how to "socialize with"/"spot a"/"cope with being" an introvert and you will read a description of who I am. Naturally, despite the rapidness with witch I clicked "attending" on Facebook, there was a familiar background anxiety at the idea of hanging out with a large group of people for the day. Keep in mind that these people are not strangers to me; they are my friends. I genuinely like all these people a lot and some I love like family. However the thought of making random small talk for hours on end while snacking on a multitude of chips sends me to my couch to be buried under a pile of pillows till it is all done with. I am not a shy person - not even a little.