Cthulhu Fluxx Review | Gameosity
Once upon a time, I loved Fluxx. Once upon a time, my board game experience was also limited to Monopoly, Life, and Munchkin. Many years and many board games later, my interest has cooled somewhat, and it seems that my gaming partners have the same tepid feelings toward Fluxx as I do. By why? It's not a bad game. It's a good little ice-breaker and it's good for the casual player, so why the general feeling of "meh" when it is suggested? It's because a game of Fluxx usually goes one of two ways. Scenario One Diana: Alright Cthulhu Fluxx, let's give you a try. Draw one; cool. Play one. I will play a new rule: Play Two. Andrew: Ok, drawing one, playing two. I'll play a Keeper: The Cat. Jess & Diana: Kitty! Andrew: And a Goal: The Mountains of Madness. Jess: Draw one… I'll play two keepers: The Tomb and the Penguins. Rob: My turn. Andrew: Um, Jess just won. Rob: Dammit! The game can sometimes (read: often) end before it's even started. Annoying, sure, but not nearly as bad as the