IELLO Introduces Welcome to the Dungeon & 3 Guardians' Chronicles Expansions | Gameosity
IELLO has a lot of exciting news! The have released Welcome to the Dungeon as well as three Guardians' Chronicles expansions! Welcome to the Dungeon is a mini-dungeon crawler for 2-4 players, where players build the dungeon as they go. Each player gets a character with equipment and on their turn, players will draw cards and add them to the dungeon or keep them. If you keep a card you have to take off a piece of equipment and place it on the card. This goes on until all players pass on drawing cards. Whomever was the last to pass becomes the delver and faces the challenges that lie in the newly created dungeon with whatever equipment they have left. You'll have to plan carefully about how you stock the dungeon or you might just end up facing it yourself. Welcome to the Dungeonis 14.99 in the IELLO store. Jess: I love micro games as they are easy to chuck in a bag to bring everywhere. This one plays 2-4 players in around 30 minutes so it is perfect to travel with. I also really love