Dicey Curves Review | Gameosity
Andrew: Today, Gameosity gets behind the tiny wheel of a tiny race car in Dicey Curves, a dice-rolling car racing game designed by Matt Worden and published by The Game Crafter. Can a board game really harness the raw, primal feeling of tearing down the highway and, conversely, can it overcome the paralytic wave of boredom I feel whenever I accidentally watch NASCAR for any length of time? (I know, millions of people love NASCAR. And to them, I say…sorry, I dozed off, what were we talking about?) Most games probably can't. But what about Dicey Curves? Dicey Curves plays 2-8 players (though I find the track gets crowded beyond 4-5) and lasts around 30 minutes, though the game (i.e. race) length can be completely customized. You and your friends will chuck dice and navigate the track, all vying for the number one spot across the finish line. It's a game about raw luck and positioning and strategic use of limited resources. But, and this is the most important bit,