Roll for the Galaxy Review | Gameosity
When it comes to establishing a galactic empire, a would-be star-emperor has many tactics to choose from. Will you win over countless planets by bringing faithful colonists? Will you machine out doomsday technology which secures your conquest by unstoppable force? If your goal is to create the most powerful empire, I ask you, what tool will you reach for? What shape will your victory take? May we suggest 'cube'? Roll for the Galaxy, by Rio Grande Games, is a 2-5 player sci-fi empire building game from the minds of Wei-Hwa Huang and Thomas Lehmann. It is also the re-imagining of Race for the Galaxy, a well-loved and well-reviewed game which we, for some reason, neither own nor have much experience playing. Race for the Galaxy is touted for its light but engaging gameplay, reasonable price point, inordinate number of icons, and interesting expansions. Roll for the Galaxy attempts to distill the essence of the original game into an even faster, lighter form through the