House Rules – Making the Resident Evil Deck Building Game Feel More Like Classic Resident Evil | Gameosity
Rob: The Resident Evil Deck Building Game is an interesting creation. A zombie apocalypse survival horror video game adaptation turned into a deck building game - it's this weird mix of genres and mediums which don't seem like they should exist let alone work, but somehow, it really does. In fact, there are even several expansions for it, adding lots of monsters, weapons, and characters. The core game is a perfectly serviceable deck builder, but as a big fan of the source materials, the truth is I found it kind of…meh. I mean, it's not bad as far as deck builders go, but aside from the images on the cards, it doesn't really feel like you're playing a Resident Evil game - it doesn't particularly capture the best things about the classic games in the series. Unless, of course, you fudge with the rules and cards a bit, which is exactly what I've done. But then, that's probably the game's biggest strength: the fact that it allows you to fiddle with it so much. Just to be clear, this isn't