Haunted Dice & Possessed Cards – Our 1st Halloween Special | Gameosity
Greetings, my fellow ghoulish gamers! It's that magical time of year once again; when the days grow short, the shadows grow long, and all things frightening come crawling out from the corners and cracks of our world. And best of all, the games of our nightmares come out to be played! Rob: Dude. Laying it on a little thick, aren't we? Andrew: You're a little thi- Jess: YAY HALLOWEEN! Spooky movies and monsters and candy and games and dressing up without having to go to a convention or be questioned by the authorities! I love this time of year! ... what were you guys talking about? Andrew: ... Diana: ... She just saved your butt. Andrew: ... I know. Ahem. As I was saying. Here at Gameosity, we love the frightening time of year when we get to indulge in all the creepy movies we like and all the candy that we can eat because we're (allegedly) grownups and no one can stop us! And in order to get everyone into the mood, we've chosen a selection of terrifying games, both in tone and