Games To Go! – Our Trip to Disney | Gameosity
Every board gamer has their collection - that pile of games, big or small, which we love to play and share. But what's a gamer to do when they are heading abroad, away from the sanctity of their game library and the good times those games guarantee? What do you do if you're the kind of person who thinks a 2-hour flight is too long to go without some interactive entertainment? Today, two of Gameosity's intrepid explorers share a few travel-friendly games, as well as the logic with which they were chosen for this most recent getaway. Is it possible that the judicious application of board games could enhance a week at the most magical place on Earth, or would we just be wasting space that could otherwise be used for overpriced keepsakes and unnecessary trinkets? Would park security harass us as we tried to play Eight-Minute Empire, because the only kingdom allowed was the Magic variety? Find out as we explore the games that managed to stow away on our trip to Disney! So, a bit of