Singhade ka halva | Water Chestnut Halva - From The Corner Table
As the loved up ones make plans for Valentine’s Day, several households in India will be preparing for celebrations of a different kind. On February 13/14, devotees of Lord Shiva across the world will be observing Maha Shivaratri (the Great Night of Shiva). For ardent devotees, this means staying awake through the night chanting prayers, meditating and fasting. If there is a Shiva temple in your neighbourhood then I urge you to plan a visit to see the festivities and perhaps have some bhaang too. There are several legends about the origin of Maha Shivaratri – an aunt of mine said it is the night Lord Shiva married Parvati, a friend said it is the night the deity created the world, another said it is the night of Lord Shiva’s tandav. And yet another said it is Lord Shiva’s birthday! At home, the parents go to a temple and all of us fast for the day. This does not mean ‘no food, no water’. It simply means eating sattvik food. And each year, our neighbour sends over a platter of upvaas (fast) goodies. It is on this platter that I discovered the singhada ka halva or Indian water chestnut halva. The best part about this halva is it can be made any time of the year, can be eaten piping hot or cut into squares to be stored. It is pretty healthy too. So when I asked our neighbour for the recipe, she sportingly stepped into the kitchen to teach and oversee the learning process. Do let me know what you think of the water chestnut recipe in the comments section below. If you post a photo on Instagram, tag (and follow) From The Corner Table. You can also follow the blog on Facebook and Pinterest; subscribe to be a part of the mailing list for regular updates. print