Slow-cooked Mixed Vegetables - From The Corner Table
Between the time I spend in the kitchen for the baking orders and winter laze that makes us want to snuggle under the blanket with a book, the ‘cooking’ mood at home has been at an all-time low. But since one has to eat and I’m doing my best not to succumb to the lures of ‘restaurant food’, Maa has taken to cooking food that is healthy, quick, easy and minimal. The winter vegetables that continue to sit pretty on the market shelves also help the cause. Mixed vegetables are the go-to for us on most days, especially the Bengali rosha (Bengali vegetable curry) and this particular nameless mixed vegetable. I call this nameless because, to be honest, I did spend some time trying to think of a fancy name for it. But I failed! An attempt at brainstorming with Maa and the only thing we could come up with was ‘slow cooking’. Hence, this recipe was christened the Slow-Cooked Mixed Vegetables. The beauty of this particular mixed vegetables recipe is that it fits all four of the categories I’ve mentioned. The only prep you need to do is cut vegetables – if you are blessed to be living near a market that sells freshly chopped vegetables, then you don’t even have to pull out the knife! And if you are following this recipe to the T, then all you need are basics from a beginner’s kitchen. The medley of vegetables used for this dish are flexible. But I’d avoid using vegetables like pumpkins or leafy greens that turn mushy when slow cooked or beetroot which will turn the entire vegetable pink. I don’t have a problem with the colour but having been there and done that, I realise I prefer the colours of the vegetables popping up on my plate. Green peas are a delightful addition to this dish – to be honest, I’d kept a cup full of them washed and ready to add. Something I remembered only AFTER the recipe was halfway cooked! Make the most of winter vegetables with these delicious – and mostly easy to make – recipes on the blog. Try making the Vegetables Chops, Harepyaaz ki Lehsuni Khichdi, Gaajar ka Kheer and Carrot & Date Rolls. I also need to point out the versatility of this particular slow-cooked mixed vegetable dish. Flavoured by the juices of the vegetables themselves, the dish is suitable for all palates, can be eaten on its own, be mixed with rice or pasta, used as a sandwich filling or eaten with roti. That this dish does not require you to hover around the gas makes it a good choice for the dinner table when you are to entertain guests. You can also jazz up this dish by adding another mix of spices – as I always say, cooking is one of the best areas to let loose your creativity! The only rules in that kitchen are yours, so live it up! Do let me know if you try this recipe. Follow From The Corner Table on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for regular updates. You could also subscribe to be part of the mailing list. print