Gaajar ka Kheer | Carrot & Milk Pudding - From The Corner Table
I love Bugs Bunny and I love his favourite food. I always have. Maa often jokes that as a kid, one of the easiest ways to shut me up was to hand me a carrot – I would be too happy munching on the carrot. Over the years, the munching dwindled significantly but my love for carrots did not. The traditional Indian dessert gaajar ka halwa (carrot based sweet dessert) remains an all-time favourite. But it’s not something I’ve endeavoured to learn yet because it takes a lot of time – a lot – to make. The amount of stirring it requires would probably equal a day’s arm workout. And I am not a fan of working out. Nope, not me! So when my next-door neighbour, Meena Verma – who I adore and call Verma aunty – mentioned an easier and equally yummy way of enjoying a carrot dessert, I jumped at the opportunity to learn something new. This dessert is the gaajar ka kheer. Traditionally, the kheer is a rice pudding made by boiling rice in milk and sweetened with sugar or jaggery. In this kheer we replace the rice with carrots. Verma aunty learned this dish from a relative and has been making it for a couple of years now. “And everyone who has tasted it loves it!” she said. I can readily vouch for the loving it bit. The carrot kheer tastes delicious warm and chilled. I think I am going to make a batch of this kheer soon and freeze them into popsicles. If they taste good chilled, they should taste good frozen too, right? Go ahead and try this simple, delectable recipe. Don’t forget to share/comment if you make it. You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest. Subscribe to the mailing list for regular updates on recipes. print