Medicare Made Clear
Throughout March and April, create, connect, and explore in the Friday Center’s Daytime Enrichment Courses. All courses are Thursday mornings at the Friday Center and range from $10-$20. Visit the Friday Center website for more information or to view the entire list of daytime courses. Course Spotlight: Medicare Made Clear Instructor: Daryl Coston Thursday, April 27. 10 am – Noon Fee: $10 Everyday 10,000 baby-boomers turn 65, and questions begin to surface regarding Medicare. Individuals suddenly find themselves in an avalanche of very confusing information. At this point they ask themselves, “What exactly is Medicare?” In the last several years, asking this question has become more relevant because of how the aging population and the Affordable Care Act are affecting the Medicare system. To unravel the confusion this seminar will focus on Medicare’s history, its parts A, B, C and D, laws and regulations, and the effects of our aging population. Also addressed are the changes effecting Medicare as a result of Affordable Care Act. Daryl Coston is a licensed independent insurance agent in North Carolina, and is currently working with Senior Life Services, a Florida-based company. Senior Life Services works with individuals between the ages of 50 to 85, providing information on various health needs and options. Daryl also sells Medicare products and services. He is a certified health coach, operated a vitamin business and was a sales representative for several nutritional companies for 12 years. For several years, he also taught seminars on Medicare at Duke University.