The Deceitful Voice Of Depression | Fox&Co. Mental Health
Author Article I never considered myself the sort of person who would take their own life... RSS Depression is a silent killer. But we don't talk about it. Major depression affects ~7% of US adults with women (8.7%) more affected than men (5.3%)1. Suicide is the 10th most common cause of death, with over 47,000 Americans dying by suicide in 20172. That's an awful lot of people, but I never expected to become one of them. I have always been known for my sunny, cheerful nature and natural ease in social situations. Neither was I an anxious person. How could someone like me become so anxious and depressed I actually contemplated taking my own life? The truth is I don't know the answer. On paper, there's nothing in my life that could make me feel this bad. I have a good marriage, a job I love and am financially secure. I have a decent group of friends and time to indulge in my hobbies. But some of the resources online that talk about depression are less than helpful.