How Getting To Know Your Body Will Help You Know Your Mind (And Resolve Stress) | Fox&Co. Mental Health
Author Article Aletheia Hunn started her business, Founded Wellness, to bring the benefits of yoga, meditation, and other wellness tools into the workplace. PHOTO BY FOUNDED WELLNESS. It's no surprise that workplace wellness is one of the sectors predicted to see the strongest future growth by the Global Wellness Institute. Given the number of hours spent at work during a lifetime—feeling good at work matters, and, it also has a flow-on effect to other areas of your life. A CBI report late last year showed that "1.3 million people suffered from new or longstanding work-related illnesses" in the previous year and "up to 5 million workers are thought to suffer from a mental health condition each year". So, what's missing to get people feeling good? Aletheia Hunn, Founder, and Director of Founded Wellness believes that it's all about having a greater understanding of the connection between your body and your mind. Nobody is exempt from well-being. It comes from an ability to be