These 5 Questions Can Help You Set Better Goals | Fox&Co. Mental Health
Author Article If your goal follows all the rules -- specific, measurable, etc., -- but you are still struggling to achieve it, it may be time to consider the core of the goal itself. In other words, how important is the goal to you? Instead of being driven by productivity or meeting simple tasks on a to-do list, you must also do the work to achieve your goals. In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Jeff Rose points out it is not simply enough to sign up for a gym membership or buy new tennis shoes; you have to get yourself to the gym and physically commit to working out. Rose also challenges you to ask a group of five "why" questions. By analyzing each facet of your goals, you can get to the root and make conclusions about their importance to you. Click the video to hear more from Jeff Rose about analyzing your goals. Related: Here's How to Find the Best Members for Your Mastermind Group Entrepreneur Network is a premium video network providing entertainment, education and