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Author Article Phoebe Smith calls herself an extreme sleep adventurer. She's been enlisted by a sleeptime app to be a storyteller for the sleep app CALGARY SHAREADJUSTCOMMENTPRINT A good night's sleep is something we all cherish, but in our 24/7 plugged-in world, slumber can be as elusive as winning the lottery. Millions of Canadians who settle into bed have a tough time staying in dreamland bliss. If we were thinking outside the box spring, perhaps the remedy to staying asleep is doing what Phoebe Smith does. She's a travel writer and self-described "extreme sleep adventurer." "I sleep much better when I'm in the wilds, more than in my own bed," says Smith, who has slept inside a glacier, suspended in a hammock in a tree, and on mountaintops. Phoebe Smith says she sleeps better in nature than at home in bed. She's been enlisted by a sleeptime app to be as a sleepteller. ADAM PLOWDEN /CALGARY Her stories of sleeping in exotic places, such as on the Trans-Siberian Railway