Want to Succeed in Life? Every Day, Do This Thing First | Fox&Co. Mental Health
Author Article CREDIT: Getty Images We live in the age of self-improvement. Wherever you go--your home, your car, your bar, your favorite bodega or bookstore--it's forever there, staring you in the face. The potential of a better you. Happy, strong, and successful. Prospering in all the important things, including your relationships and career. It can drive you a little crazy. Most of us are satisfied to excel in just a few areas, and if we sacrifice our beach body by prioritizing parenting over the gym, so be it. But the ads keep pouring in: You can be perfect. It's pure B.S., of course. Life is short, and we can only strive so much. But if you put a gun to my head and demanded that I choose a single rule to live by--a rule to rule all others in the quest for human excellence--I'd have a ready answer. Always do the hardest thing first. It's by no means an easy rule. It's easy to say, and it feels nice to say it, but the minute you sit down at your desk,