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See Author Article Here By Declan Malley You're dragging. Your life feels like an endless, meaningless repeat of the same old routine for the foreseeable future. It's become difficult to get yourself out of bed in the morning because you simply don't want to do what you need to do for the day. Don't imagine you're alone – everyone goes through this, and a lot of people get stuck in it. If you have no interest in becoming one of them, then read on. 1. Change your morning schedule.It can be tough to do, especially if you feel no motivation to get up in the first place. Start small. If you're a snooze button fiend, change up your alarm method – or placement. Switch to a different, delicious kind of breakfast if you can. Set ten minutes aside to meditate, stretch, or practice yoga. Choose anything that will help you personally succeed. 2. Find something that inspires you to kickstart your day.What do you like to do to energize and push yourself forward? It matters, because if you're