Raise Your Very Available Hand If You Always Claim To Be Busy When You're In A Relationship | Fox&Co. Mental Health
See Author Article Here By Mary Grace Garis When my recent plans got canceled on account of a polar vortex, I hesitated when my friend texted to reschedule for the following Friday. "I might be free on the 8th, but I'll let you know," I answered. I knew that the space on my Google Cal was wide open, but these days, Friday and Saturday are automatically reserved for my relationship. Friendship meetings are for weekday, after-work drinks and the occasional witchy, new moon cauliflower pizza party—and nothing else. But that reality of mine doesn't exempt me from a cold, hard truth: I regularly lie to friends in order to stay totally available for my boyfriend, Luke. Cue: self-loathing panic leading me to wonder whether I seriously and monumentally suck. Indeed I might when it comes to ditching my friends in favor of spending yet another consecutive night with Luke. But I know in my bones that other people do it do it too. (Which—I know, I know—doesn't make it