The bubble project & The decisive moment. | Missatge Rebut's PhotoBlog
Henry Cartier-Bresson (1908 - 2004) is one of the great artist of the twentieth century, famous for revealing through his photos the richness, the sensibilities, and the varieties of the human experience. Through the years the artist has proven with his work that photography is capable of faithfully reproducing reality, all you have to do is catch the right moment to show the people and surrounding world in all their happiness and unhappiness. Henry Cartier-Bresson travelled around the world through countries and continents, always in search of the right moment. The moment in question is the decisive moment at which the elements in motion come together and are in complete balance, thus reflecting the every day and revealing something of the nature of life. To teach this important concept in photography We can play The bubble project. Do you ever wonder what people are thinking about when you pass them on the street? We will make a bunch of thought bubbles out of paper and we will hang