Bubble Project & Decisive Moment. Workshop in Taung Ywar Thit (Myanmar) | Missatge Rebut's PhotoBlog
Using the Bubble Project to teach The decisive moment in Taung Ywar Thit. Català al final :) The Bubble Project, as proclaimed by its manifesto, aims to counteract corporate marketing and advertisement messages in public spaces. Read more about here: In the fantastic small village of Taung Ywar Thit (Myanmar) We have doing exactly that: Using the Bubble Project to teach Henri Cartier-Bresson Decisive Moment. It was a incredible experience teaching in a 150 house village. Where tourism is still not allowed and the children are so pure. It was the greatest experience from my travel. The results are fantastic and seeing the faces of children and the expectation created in the village recharge for another season of trying to find new schools. I'm traveling with 8 cameras (now 6) my time and the little strength that I have (which is a lot, if you thing that I have fibromyalgia). I try to have now new Schools, Charities, NGO,s in Philippines,