Classical Guitar: Basics 2 (non-credit) - EA School of Music
Authored by Kirk Hanser This is the non-credit version of Classical Guitar: Basics 2, and will not provide high school credit or instructor feedback/communication. Welcome to Classical Guitar: Basics 2! Building upon topics learned in Basics 1, students will dive further into the fundamentals of playing the classical guitar, and develop their reading and listening skills to better understand how music is written for their instrument. This course features more intermediate technique to challenge students, analyzes scale construction for major and minor scales, uses ear training (interval recognition) to help with more efficient reading and learning, and discusses important classical guitar figures that shaped the history of the instrument. Students can expect to encounter a variety of listening and playing assignments, as well as lesson quizzes and exams. By the end of the course, students will have a portfolio of recordings that reflect the progress they made and will be ready for the next semester!