KQKS (KS107.5) - Denver - 2/3/97 - FM Airchecks
This is a sample of “The static-free beat of Denver” shortly after its move (and signal upgrade) from 104.3 (KS104), recorded 17 years ago this week. To promote the change, the station was running a “cash cow” contest in which listeners were asked to call in upon hearing the sound of a cow (featured on the aircheck), and say “I made the moooooove to KS107-5″ if they were the correct caller. This is one of my favorite airchecks, primarily for the station’s outstanding engineering (great processing) and production elements (voiceovers, sweepers, and jingles). Their approach to Rhythmic CHR was upbeat, without sounding “ghetto”. Be sure to check out the other KQKS aircheck posted on our site as well. Related