KYOT (95.5) - Phoenix - Sep '93 (stunting: Amer. Radio Museum) - FM Airchecks
At Noon on September 2, 1993, following a sale from Edens Broadcasting to Sundance Broadcasting, CHR “Y95” ceased to exist on KOY 95.5 FM in Phoenix. For the next 24 hours, a stunt known as “American Radio Museum” would air on the frequency. According to Wikipedia, the stunt featured “loops of quotes from famous people and figures from American pop culture and history.” This aircheck contains two sweepers from that stunt, along with one of the “special Arizona exhibits”. On September 3, 1993, “95.5 the Coyote” debuted with a format known as “Rhythm and Rock”. This aircheck also contains a promo that aired during the early days of “The Coyote”, featuring feedback from the station’s listeners. (Six months later, the format switched to Smooth Jazz, with “The Coyote” name remaining intact.) At the end of the aircheck is a promo that begin airing on Rhythmic CHR KKFR “Power 92” on the afternoon of September 2, 1993, inviting displaced Y95 listeners over to 92.3 FM. The promo claimed that Power 92 “won’t sell out” — yet that’s pretty much what happened 3 1/2 months later, as their successful Rhythmic CHR format (and almost all hip-hop and R&B songs) was replaced with a considerably less successful Modern Rock-oriented Mainstream CHR format. The final days of Y95 (although not THE final day) can be heard towards the end of this aircheck. Thanks to Beau Duran for contributing the logo! EDIT: And thanks to John Davis for the amazing behind-the-scenes insider info posted as a comment below!