Power Training for Powerful Aging | Fitness Resources
Muscle strength is an important factor for aging well, but it might not be quite as important as you think. Muscle power—the ability to generate force quickly (force x speed)—may actually claim the top spot. Research studies that have compared the contribution of muscle strength and power to the performance of numerous functional activities consistently conclude that power is the more important of the two. Of course, strength and power are obviously related and you really can't have one without the other. We are, however, talking about a potentially powerful (no pun intended) paradigm shift in training older clients. If muscle power really is the key to remaining functional as we age, traditional strength-training approaches that focus on "slow, controlled" resisted movements need to be adjusted so that there is less of a focus on load (force) and more of a focus on movement speed. It is true that even traditional strength training can improve muscle power because, of course, the very