FAQs | Fitness Resources
[ls_toggle title="Where is Fitness Resources located?"]Fitness Resources is conveniently located in the Harrison Park Community Center, 575 West 1st Avene, Columbus, Ohio 43215 - Location » [/ls_toggle] [ls_toggle title="What is the difference between Fitness Resources Personal Training and other workout facilities?"]Fitness Resources provides an exclusive personal training experience. Rather than a gym where you go in and may or may not see results on your own, Mark Mayes and staff work with you one-on-one to tailor a workout to your current physical condition in order to get you to your ultimate physical goal. [/ls_toggle] [ls_toggle title="Can I stop in and work out whenever I like?"]Yes - if you sign up for 6 or more personal training sessions, you will receive our Fitness Resource access fob to work out whenever you like 24/7 (in addition to your personal training sessions). Otherwise you'll need to schedule your personal training sessions. Personal Training Pricing »[/ls_toggle]