Endoca – CBD Capsules 30 Count (300mg CBD) - Vegan ⋆ Dancing With Fireflies
The Endoca CBD Capsules are a convenient way to consume full-spectrum CBD hemp oil without a hempy aftertaste. These capsules are easy to swallow and can be incorporated into your daily routine. Each CBD capsule contains 10mg of CBD from organic certified hemp. Endoca CBD Capsules are a natural choice and include cannabinoids, vitamins, minerals, and plant waxes. Endoca CBD Capsules do not include animal by-products, preservatives, artificial colors, starch, sugar, corn, wheat, or dairy. The capsules are made with vegan gel caps and are gluten-free and kosher. Choose from two different varieties: Hemp Oil Capsules and Raw Hemp Oil Capsules. Hemp Oil Capsules The Hemp Oil Capsules are created by gently heating the plant after extraction, which turns CBDa into CBD. This unfiltered hemp oil preserves the active molecules of the original plant. Raw Hemp Oil Capsules The Raw Hemp Oil Capsules use the unfiltered first hemp oil extract and contain both CBDa and CBD. This whole plant extract is a simple way to enjoy raw hemp oil. The version you choose will depend on which cannabinoids you find important to add to your routine. We encourage you to research CBD and CBDa and discover which benefits are suited to your lifestyle.