What Is A Real Man?
If you asked arou d at your local high school about what it took to be a ma , what do you thi k you would fi d? Would it i volve who slept with more chicks, how good you are at sports, or who has the biggest muscles? Would how much alcohol you ca hold dow be brought up or how fearless you are? Would you get docked “ma hood poi ts” for bei g smart or weari g glasses? Now, what would happe if you asked that same questio to some of the me you look up to? Would you expect the same results? Somewhere we have gotte our wires crossed o what it mea s to be a ma . Whe grow me say o e thi g, a d those tryi g to become me say a other, well… someo e has to be mistake . So let’s look at it i a differe t way. Missi g the Mark… Thi k of three of the greatest me you k ow. Do they fit i to your origi al defi itio of ma li ess? Mi e were pretty far from that first descriptio . Do you k [...]