Pricing and selling your Avon Collection | Blog
As a dealer in Avon Collectibles, I receive hundreds (now thousands circa 2018) of emails concerning pricing and selling Avon Collections. Often the collection has been inherited, or the owner is moving to smaller quarters, and needs to downsize their collection. Although we claim no expertise on the subject, we do try to help with the basic steps involved in pricing and selling a collection. * Find the value of your collectibles * Find the best method for selling them. The value of collectibles can vary broadly and the value depends greatly on an items popularity and on it's condition. Other factors affecting value will be where it is sold, such as online store, collectibles shop, auction, etc. geographic area, current popularity, and supply and demand. It is possible to research the value yourself - using the online and offline sources listed at Guides for Pricing Avon Collectibles, and by looking in collectibles shops, flea markets, etc to get a range of prices in various