Avon Stein List – 1976 – 2005 | Blog
While we carry a wide variety of Avon Steins at Avon Steins at - we've had requests from many of our visitors and customers for a list of steins that include out of stock items - so that they can have a list to compare to their own collection, and see what is missing. To that end, we've compiled a list below of (to the best of our current knowledge) all of the Full-Sized steins and Mini-Steins, and tankards. This list does not include any bottles that were made in the shape of steins. If we've missed any, we welcome feedback and will update this list as appropriate. We hope this listing is helpful in completing your collections. 1976 Avon Wildlife Stein 1977 Avon Tall Ships Stein 1978 Avon Strike At Point Sporting Stein 1979 Avon Car Classics Stein 1980 Avon Western Roundup Stein 1981 Avon Flying Classics Stein 1982 Avon Mini Tall Ships Stein 1982 Avon Mini Car Classics Stein 1982 Avon Age of the Iron Horse Stein 1983 Avon Football Stein 1983 Avon Mini