PRAY & REFLECT WITH US | Feed the Need Missions
September is Disaster Preparedness month. During this time of year we have served many disasters and learned that prayer is the most powerful resource anyone can ever have! Please pray with us, for us, those affected, and those who may be affected by this upcoming season. Hear us, merciful God that through the time of tragedy in those most affected, will be affected, and who have lost the most in previous disasters, will know of Your presence and learn of the Holy Spirit's comfort. We ask that all Christians will remember their struggling brothers and sisters, and contribute the time to assist them in their continuing need. May our prayers rise up like incense for those affected by disaster, especially those who have lost their lives previously, for the families of the loved ones and for the lives who will be affected this season. We ask that God send his Son; once again, to inspire recovery and lead all those who suffer to a joyful redemption in their lives. That those who are