Disaster Preparedness: Hurricane | Feed the Need Missions
While we may be aware of an approaching hurricane, it can still be difficult to pinpoint its exact path as it approaches the mainland. Fortunately, the National Weather Service sends out alerts and notifications as a hurricane progresses. Follow the approach of the hurricane on TV, online, or on your battery-powered emergency weather radio. These emergency radios are ideal during severe weather since they will still operate even if the power's out. As the storm gets closer, the knowledge you gather from your resources will help you know if and when you should evacuate, as well as other information as to how to act. Here are some great tips on Hurricane Preparedness: Planning Planning makes perfect. By creating an emergency plan well before any hint of a hurricane is discovered, you will have time to go over it plenty of times before one actually arrives. This way, your chances of remembering that crucial information won't slip your mind when things start to get hectic; you'll always