Site Stories: Giddings | Feed the Need Missions
From now until the end of the year we will be sharing stories from each of our sites across Texas. Every site has the same mission: to feed people physically and spiritually. We see God using our volunteers and those that come to grow and build relationships with those in Christ. Here are just a few of the stories from our sites this past year. GIDDINGS Serves every Sunday starting at 5:00pm at Giddings Food Pantry located at 190 North Harris, Giddings, TX 78942. Kathy Kathy is 64, lives with her son, his girlfriend and her two children. "I couldn't make it on my own," Kathy explained, "I'm on disability and if it wasn't for my son, I don't know what I would do." Kathy comes to Feed the Need Missions on Sunday nights in Giddings when they don't have enough to eat at home. Kathy is not one of those faces we see each week at the site. Feed the Need Missions helps to fill the gap for Kathy and her family when times are tough. "My son has a job, works full time, but by the time bills are