Pray & Reflect With Us: When Disaster Strikes | Feed the Need Missions
As hurricanes, fires, mudslides, and earthquakes ravaged through countries around the world the last few years, many of us are re-evaluating our emergency preparedness. While food and water are critical in any disaster, they may not be enough. Recent research suggests that how you react both physically and emotionally during and after a natural disaster could make the most difference to your survival. - Disaster Preparedness Article Personality, emotion, attitude, and how well people cope with adversity have more to do with survival than any type of equipment. Feed the Need Missions responds to catastrophe through immediate prayer and action. "We provide a hot meal, a listening ear and prayer," says Jonah Beyer, President of Feed The Need Missions. Natural disasters leave more than a path of physical destruction in their wake. They leave emotional scars for both survivors and rescue workers. Catastrophe can strike anywhere at anytime. If disaster does reach you, struggle and pain are