I am a student of Public Health. I love reading, writing, soft music; sometimes ghazals, dance, philosophy, poetry, history and innovation. I am a research freak who nearly Google each and every thing. I am a poet, a writer, a researcher, a feminist, a thinker, a social worker and above all a kind-hearted person. I love to have a meaningful and decent conversation about almost everything. I believe in equality, justice, love, respect, and freedom of speech and freedom of choice for everyone. Life is the beautiful gift of God and everyone deserves love and a better life. Everyone should have equal opportunities to savor the boon of God and have a happy life. People shouldn’t be judge by their caste, color, class, creed, race or any such thing. These all are man-made things which elicit discrimination among human beings. We should love and respect each other for sake of humanity. I believe that the real “ibadat and bandage” is to serve human beings without any kind of discrimination. I am an introvert person and writing helps me a lot to express my feelings with outer world. The greatest happiness of my life is to make someone happy... :) Whoever is reading this please smile! :)