Fact-checking European elections 2019 – efforts worth checking
In September 2018 a wide group of different European fact-checking efforts met in Brussels to debate different approaches and to prepare network(s) for fact-based European elections 2019. What is the state of play now – with the elections just 3 weeks away? What kind of networks are running or still in the making? We compared the 4 transnational election focused networks. This overview uses as an analytical tool IFCN characterisation of different approaches with focusing either on fact-checking, on pre-emptive verification (closest link to classical journalism) or on debunking clear European election related hoaxes. Picture: Different approaches to evaluate the truthfulness (IFCN) Next to chosen approach, the geographical coverage, funding, durance and lead partner(s) were compared based on what was announced by the 4 networks on their websites.Check yourself? Table: List of transnational networks to tackle mis- and disinformation in European elections or after it