Fact-checking boom in Finland during presidential election
Bulletting Faktabaari editorial board In January 28 2018, President Sauli Niinistö was reelected as the President of Finland with unforeseen popular vote. Before the vote, fact-checking, too, had become popular in Finland. All three major media groups, the national broadcaster YLE, Alma Media, and Sanoma, published their own fact checks in dozens of newspapers and online sites, on all the eight presidential candidates. Before 2018, the independent fact checking organisation Faktabaari (established in 2014) had been the only one to produce systematic work on political facts during elections in Finland. Today Faktabaari released a report “Fact Checking in Finland: what we learned from the 2018 elections” published in Finnish (“Faktantarkistus Suomessa: Oppeja vuoden 2018 presidentinvaaleista”, written by political scientist, dr. Ari-Elmeri Hyvönen and K. Severi Hämäri, member of Faktabaari editorial board). Here is a summary of our findings: We presented a questionnaire to all the journalists that took part in the fact checking and analysed 84 of the fact checks found online. The presidential candidates were fairly presented in the checks. Almost half of the claims were said to be false, quarter half truths and 13% true. 15% of the claims were found not suitable for fact checking (mostly because too ambiguous). Our main recommendations for the Finnish media houses are:
Faktabaari / Toimitus