A Hotel to Remember: a Review of the Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok | Explore The 6
ARRIVAL AND CHECK-IN AT THE HILTON SUKHUMVIT BANGKOK I arrived via taxi and was greeted by the bellman who opened my door and grabbed my bags. The doorman, who was standing right inside the entrance door, opened the large entrance doors as I walked in. A really nice Hilton touch. I walked up to the reception and was instantly greeted by a warm smile welcoming me and asking how my day has been so far. These little touches are really nice, especially after a long travel day. Check-in was extremely quick and efficient and that set the tone for the rest of the stay. The bellman asked if I needed help with my bags, but I declined as I only had one bag. The staff was amazing from start to finish – they all wore a smile on their face constantly. AROUND THE HOTEL I’ve stayed at a number of Hilton Hotels around the world and this one didn’t disappoint – the decor is modern and beautiful with very comfy seating. I’m not exactly sure of the meaning of all the statues around the hotel, but they were adorable. MY CITY VIEW KING ROOM AT THE HILTON SUKHUMVIT BANGKOK I had a stunning king sized bedded city view room which I find little to fault. The layout was spacious, the bathroom was beautiful and the bed was of Hilton standard – incredibly comfortable. All details were considered in this room. Four plugs were by the bed which, in my mind, is the most important place to have outlets in the room. I always travel with my computer, Ipad, and phone and like to have all three plugged in by my bed while I sleep. The working area was roomy and there was lots of space to store my luggage. THE BATHROOM AT THE HILTON SUKHUMVIT BANGKOK One thing I loved about the bathroom was that it had an extra big bathtub plus a fabulous walk-in shower. Most hotels have one or the other so having an option was nice. There’s a shade in the bedroom that can be lowered and raised, that gives you access to seeing into the bathroom – a great option for couples who travel together. I love Crabtree & Evelyn so the toiletries in the bathroom were a nice surprise. THE ROOFTOP POOL AT THE HILTON SUKHUMVIT BANGKOK This was my favorite spot. The rooftop pool was a nice quiet place to lounge and relax, and the nighttime view was awesome. I was never alone at the pool, the statues were always with me. THE EXERCISE ROOM I like to get a workout in every few days, especially when I’m traveling and eating so much tasty food. The gym at the Hilton wasn’t huge but it had everything I needed to get the job done – cardio equipment and free weights. THE FOOD AND DRINKS AT THE HILTON SUKHUMVIT BANGKOK Two full restaurants and an additional pool bar which also serves drinks and light snacks make up this hotel. The hotel also has an executive lounge ( for Hilton Honors Members who have status ). I spent four nights at this hotel and I can assure you the food and drink service was amazing all around. EXECUTIVE LOUNGE AT THE HILTON SUKHUMVIT BANGKOK Not sure what the difference in the layouts of the rooms is between the executive floors and regular ones, but having access to the executive lounge was great. In the evening the executive lounge has a cocktail hour which is filled with a wide variety of finger foods, snacks, appetizers, and an honor bar. Breakfast was also served in the executive suite and it was amazing. I was immediately attracted to the omelet station where a chef prepared omelets on demand. Every morning I had an omelet with spinach, mushrooms, onions, and cheese, so delicious. Equally as good were the butter croissants, omg, I have no words for how good these were. The Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok goes all out for breakfast with a beautiful buffet layout, I love how they cater to all cultures. They had the standard American buffet breakfast which is, bacon, sausage, eggs, etc. But they also had a cheese section, a salad section, an Asian section, a fruit spread, dessert, and the list goes on. FINAL THOUGHTS I loved this hotel – I honestly enjoyed every minute of my stay. The layout, the decor, and of course, the service, it was all perfect. I knew from the moment I stepped through the entrance doors I was at a Hilton Hotel and I loved that. For more information go to www.hilton.com If you enjoyed this post, you might also like: This Hotel Will $10K To Travel The US This Summer Searching for the Big 5 in South Africa Trinidad Carnival: 5 Things to Know Before You Go Based on My Experience