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As Hong Kong locations go, The Peak is it: the bee's knees, the cat's pyjamas, the top of the tree, the absolutely most desirable place to be, the address to end all addresses. Pretty much since modern Hong Kong has existed, the area properly known as Victoria Peak, at the top of a 552-metre mountain of the same name that towers over central Hong Hong and commands the most magnificent of views of the city, has been The Place To Be. Unfortunately there's not very much of it, and that, coupled with its desirability, has turned it into some of the most expensive real estate on the planet – real estate that has recently risen to its highest ever price, back above the previous high just before the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997. So, reasons of historical prestige aside, why does this area of land at the top of The Peak, also known as Mount Austin although almost never called that, command prices as sky-high as its location? Well, there are the views, which, depending on where you're