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In many ways, Pok Fu Lam doesn't feel like it's on Hong Kong Island. For a start, it's by the ocean – although admittedly an awful lot of places in Hong Kong can say that about themselves – with a position on the western end of Hong Kong island that gives it big, sweeping vistas over the South China Sea. Then there's the fact that it's demonstrably away from the bustle of the city, relatively tranquil considering how close it is to Central, with a quality of life that attracts wealthy expats and locals alike. They're also drawn to its plentiful supply of high-end, spacious apartments, many of them located in some of Hong Kong's biggest and best-known private luxury developments. But in many other ways, this is an area that feels exactly like it's on Hong Kong Island. Close to the western tip of the island, just four kilometres from Central, Pok Fu Lam combines a pleasant environment with convenience. It also has a range of services, particularly when it comes to leisure but in terms of