WordPress 5.1 Released Today » Everything I.T.
The latest version of WordPress, 5.1, has some great improvements. You will want to read about them: (REF: ) CHECK IT OUT! Cron Improvements with PHP-FPM in WordPress 5.1 Cron API changes in WordPress 5.1 Preparing WordPress for a JavaScript Future Part #1: Build Step and Folder Reorganization Build tools: We've enabled running WordPress from /src again New Styling for Admin Table Pagination Links in WordPress 5.1 WordPress 5.1 String Changes in HTML/PHP Files There are even more goodies in 5.1 like updates to values allowed for the WP_DEBUG_LOG constant, new test config file constant in the test suite, new plugin action hooks, short circuit filters for wp_unique_post_slug() and WP_User_Query and count_users(), a new human_readable_duration function, improved taxonomy metabox sanitization, limited LIKE support for meta keys when using WP_Meta_Query, a new "doing it wrong" notice when registering REST API