Whole NEW Version: WordPress 5.0 FINALLY Here! » Everything I.T.
EDIT: I just REALIZED that it didn't update to 5.0. It WAS supposed to be a 5.0 update today. Maybe they had a bug with it and downgraded...it's actually version 4.9.6 that got released, and I didn't find out until I just noticed as I was doing my sites, that it was a different version than was supposed to be released today. So, I'm sorry for that, I guess they are still working it. Uggh, so sorry folks. So when they do finally release 5.0, you will really want to get it. Wordpress 5.0 is FINALLY here! Think about it...only up to the core version 5...this is a MAJOR update! If you didn't upgrade earlier updates, you need to at least get this one, and get to the next whole version. Incorporates a whole new editor, and top, new, security features! If you didn't know, Gutenberg "used" to be just a plugin editor. But it is now part of Wordpress. It's supposed to make editing your easier, for those of you who don't know CSS and HTML, it supposedly does more for you with just the visual