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Ok, I had a potential client call me this morning, and ask me if was familiar with 5ghz CPE. I wasn't at home or near computer when she called, and as soon as I indicated I didn't have 100% knowledge on the subject she hung up. Big mistake on her part. Folks, it's a COMMON marketing ploy to take an age old technology, wrap it in a new box (i.e.: ...give it a new name) and hope that the general public is dumb enough not to recognize it and pay the 250% markup they are hoping to get on it. I get so tired of it really. It started with "THE CLOUD" ...remember when that term was new? How many of you were, or maybe still are, confused the "The Cloud" ...big clue...the "CLOUD" ...is just another term for the internet, and internet related products and services. Stuff stored "in the cloud" ...is not all that mysterious. This is only 2018 and everything has a PHYSICAL location. Someone, somewhere, has a data center, and you connect to it through the internet, and that's the cloud. OK, so back