How to use Excellence in Literature
What does a month look like for a student using Excellence in Literature? Have you wondered how to use Excellence in Literature? Here is an overview of how to use the study guide and what you might do in a month. Excellence in Literature is designed with three primary ends in mind: Share some of the best books ever written in a way that will help students understand and enjoy them Teach students to communicate with clarity and excellence as they write about great ideas Teach students how to think and work like college students or adults Self-directed: In light of the third goal, each study guide is written directly to the student. Each guide covers one year of study in nine four-week modules. Each module is focused on a full-length classic work, which is presented in its historic, artistic, and cultural context. In addition to the study guide, you will need to obtain the classics that students read (recommended editions linked here). It is also wise to have a writer's handbook — either the Excellence in Literature Handbook for Writers or another such as Writer's Inc. Get acquainted with the study guide The Excellence in Literature study guide is divided into three parts, which are described in more detail in