RMC Battlefield Tour Kicks off 16 – 24 February 2019
Tour Leaves Cadets “With a deep appreciation of who we are as a nation” Article by Jennifer Jordan, RMC Foundation Fundraising Coordinator The RMC History Department, through funding from the RMC Foundation, embarks on the Annual Battlefield Tour from 16-24 February 2019. This tour, established in 2003, and almost exclusively funded through donations to the RMC Foundation since 2004, allows Cadets to tour First and Second World War Canadian Battlefields in France and Belgium. Since 2003 this tour has become a major college activity with increasing interest from the Cadet Wing. The Annual Battlefield Tour provides Cadets with the “out of classroom” experience immersing them in a much deeper understanding of the stories and connections to these historic sites. Walking the beaches of Normandy, for example, leaves Cadets with a deep appreciation of how the actions of so many of our Canadian Soldiers’ helped define who we are as a nation. The RMC Foundation is proud to support the Annual Battlefield Tour. Stay tuned for updates on the Cadet experiences throughout the tour on our Social Media Accounts. Here are some examples of previous Battlefield Tour Participants and how the experience had a lasting emotional effect on them: “. . . memories of the tour are still fresh in my mind . . it was the culminating point . . . and a highlight of my experiences at RMC and a touchstone for me since I graduated. . . the tour was so meaningful to me that I brought my family to many of the same sites during my leave from Afghanistan.” – 23241 Craig Scott, Class of 2005 « . . . . l’un des “highlights” de mes années passées à Kingston . . . … le tour m’a permis de concrétiser bien des lectures et de voir l’étendue des impacts reliées aux décisions que nous prenons en tant que chef. La vie ou la mort de nos hommes dépendent des décisions que nous prenons . . . c’est l’expérience d’une vie que je garderai en tête et que je ferai largement la promotion . . », 23612 Alexandre Hottin, promotion de 2007 “ While away on numerous deployments since graduation, memories of the tour keep me humble . . I know that my efforts pale in comparison to those who are buried in the Canadian cemeteries in Europe . . . I hope that cadets can continue to participate in this incredible and life changing trip for years to come, I know they will find it as rewarding as I did.” 24125 David Kay, Class of 2009