Poems in Honour of Remembrance Day: Excerpts from “The Dark Mist Cast Across the Guns”
Editor’s Note: The following is taken from “The Dark Mist Cast Across the Guns – Poems in Honour of Remembrance Day” by the 2018-19 ENE110-1 Class at RMC. Please note this volume is available for free in the RMC Gift Shop. *** No. 917 Lt Francis Fyshe 6th Battery, CFA, Canadian Expeditionary Force Killed in Action in France 22 November 1915 Burden by 29149 OCdt Jack Gemmill – Deafening, the ground shakes and skies tremble; The horses neigh and the tempered stand firm. As the noise escapes, destined to return. , Man and machine each other resemble. – A mockingbird wielding a jack hammer With the greatest desire to flock south; But, for this young bird, there is no summer, Trapped in a foreign field broken by doubt. – Still, blood and sweat demand its own desire; The weight upon each shoulder weighs immensely – Each shell inscribed with “lethal” intently, The soldier’s body knows what is required. – Abstract it might be in the face of hell – I stay, for I will load every last shell. *** No. 2539 Lt Alexander Eric McMurtry Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve Missing and presumed dead, HMCS MARGAREE 26 Oct 1940 For the Lost by 28989 OCdt Joy Tapia-Manangan – I cannot think of proper words to say when writing becomes something for someone; My heart’s intent is to commemorate the work you did before your day was done. – No one knows the type of man you were; you hoisted your men up when they fell down. Your courage is something we can all learn, and maybe how you died could teach us how. – But missing and presumed dead’s all we know; It’s so unfair, despite the way you served. I’d long for you to have one tomorrow, so you could feel the thanks you so deserve. – I may be the only one, but I will try to put your heart to rest, and say goodbye. *** No. 2724 Capt Richard Gordon Grimes Canadian Armoured Corps Killed in Action in Italy 24 May 1944 Red Wine by 28969 OCdt Christopher Favrin – Two steps, pause; three steps, gone, out the door; One shot, nine shots, forty-four, subtlety – Scarlet ashes, lying abundantly, Sangiovese flowing to the floor. – He was a young boy, but a boy no more: Not five, nor twenty-four, but maturity; He is armoured and unscathed purity; The scent faded from the sweater he wore. – The sun rises on a faraway peak, Blossoming light over the stones, all piled; Time seized, and I was unable to speak, Silence between us as we reconciled; And all that moved was the tear on my cheek – For no one should have to bury their child. *** For other excerpts from this volume please see below: No. 8462 Capt Robert Alexander Ross No. 2803 Lt Joseph Philippe Rousseau No. 22007 Major Michelle Mendes No. 17333 Kelly Rae Gawne No. 10915 Anthony Bowie