Keeping Tabs
Eva Martinez´╗┐Josh CampbellShawn AnnableGabrielle GaudetSean LemnaTammy BrowningJean-Pascal PiedboeufDavid ColeJean-Marie LeVasseurRon HansonDana SmithFrancis Fillion 18866 Eva Martinez – Senior Director, In-Service Support (ISS) at Bluedrop Training & Simulation M2087 Josh Campbell – Cyber Threat and Operations Lead at Cyborg Security 20706 Shawn Annable – Chief Risk Officer International & MENAT Head of Operational Risk and Risk Strategy – HSBC Bank Middle East 27479 Gabrielle Gaudet – Alpha Troop Commander at Department of National Defence 25195 Sean Lemna – Pathways Operations Manager at Amazon 17337 Tammy Browning – President of Tammy Browning – Healthy Lifestyle Advocate | Online Coach | Entrepreneur and Small Business Success Coach 27024 Jean-Pascal Piedboeuf – Pilot at Canadian Armed Forces 15493 David Cole – Senior Radiation Protection Specialist at Wood 11686 Jean-Marie LeVasseur – Conseiller à l’innovation chez Expansion PME 13221 Ron Hanson – Retired at SV Sea Dragoness G6849 Dana Smith – Pursuit Specialist at Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP 12052 Francis Fillion – Internet and Network Marketing Professional *** Engineers Nova Scotia Appoints 16115 DS (Pal) Mann as CEO