Keeping Tabs
Yves BourretJacqueline DoucetteLarry LangloisJames BachynskyNatalie BrelyGeorge A. RickettsJosée SanscartierCharles BeaudoinEric ChoiDerek BuxtonGuy CarrierDanielle Bélanger-Corbin 14194 Yves Bourret – Retired – Manufacturing Engineering, NPI and Project Management in hign tech 14935 Jacqueline Doucette – Virtual Assistant, Home/Pet sitter Extraordinaire, Proofreader/Editor…Wearer of many hats! 22188 Larry Langlois – Military Prosecutor at the Canadian Military Prosecution Service 15599 James Bachynsky – Owner at Calgary Shooting Centre 16836 Natalie Brely – NSPA Logistic Operations Directorate 15022 George A. Ricketts – Teacher at Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) 19262 Josée Sanscartier – Gestionnaire bilingue 23922 Charles Beaudoin – Project Manager at Canadian Armed Forces 25742 Eric Choi – Founder at Vitality Fitness and Health 17309 Derek Buxton – Director Development & Marketing Government Programs at VARD Electro Canada 12930 Guy Carrier – Director, Business Development at DEW Engineering 18560 Danielle Bélanger-Corbin – Tribunal Member – Ontario Review Board